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What's Happening

So its been a while since I posted any personal info on my blog and honestly, I'm not even sure I'll continue updating the blog on a regular basis except for periodic updates as and when it strikes me.

2 main things have occurred. My best friend Eins is leaving me!!! She's being shipped off to Shanghai for 3 years. (The bitch!) Ah well... guess that means I'll be visiting China sometime in the next 3 years. Sadly it also leaves me with no emergency contact in the States. Sucks to be a hermit.

And the second piece of news is that my folks are visiting me in less than 2 weeks! I always make the offer but was very surprised when they took me up on it. Mostly my dad cos he doesn't do vacations so well.

Anyway, we're doing 2 main places, Alaska and New York. The Alaskan cruise is 7 days long and going to be soooooo fun I think. We're on the ship Norwegian Pearl, and going to make 4 ports of calls. This will be the 2nd cruse that I've even been on. The first one was wayy back when I was about 6 or 8 I think, on a ship called the Rasa Sayang, I think it was a cruise to nowhere sailing Malaysia's waters but my memory's very hazy on that.

The ship is loaded with stuff, pools, a bowling alley, internet cafe, 10 restaurants, a spa, 24 hour gym, and even a rock climbing wall. (Not that I'll use that perk) I'm actually quite jazzed to go on the cruise, and want to visit 3 specific restaurants Teppanyaki Summer Palace (Russian food I think) and Le Bistro (French of Course).

We're booked into a Mini-Suite which is essentially a balcony room with more sq feet and a bath tub. Yep, on a cruise the tub seems to be a luxury item. Something new to me was the concept of Shore excursions, each time the ship docks there are tons of packages you can purchase that essentially takes you on a tour of ... something. I've got us booked on a different tour at each port and let me tell you, the cost is quite substantial. Its costing slightly more than 1/2 the cruise just for these excursions. But since I don't think I'll be back anytime soon and the folks probably won't ever, its worth the money I think.

Finally, it seems that the only time I ever do home improvement is when I expect visitors. For example putting up pictures in my house, or buying a new bed, etc all came about because someone was coming to visit me.

I have a nice little balcony beside my kitchen that I've been meaning to decorate for a while now but never quite got around to it. It sits bare while some neighbors have flowers and deck chairs etc. So I'm buying 2 items, a 3-Piece Nesting Table and a Sectional Corner Lounge Chair. Oh and of course I'll buy a potted plant or 2 a few days before the parents arrive, just cos.

That should take care of home improvement items for 2009.

Hahahaha...it's a good idea to wait till right before your parents get there to buy the plants. :) Who knows how long they will last in your care? ;)

With my green thumb and expert gardening skills any plant should last 4 days before wilting.

If not I'm gonna try and get a refund :)

have fun and enjoy yourself bro...whatever u do..just make sure you don't keep them waiting at the airport...hahahaha...juz kidding...:)

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