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My New Toy

I'm cheap. That's why although I love technology, I don't always own the most up to date tech toys and why my phone is a relic of 2004.

But in liew of my upcoming trip to Alaska, I figured why not splurge. I'm always always always wanted a camcorder. But back when it was fashionable, they were super expensive and bulky. Plus, I don't exactly lead the kind of lifestyle where it would get a lot of use.

Let me know introduce the Vado HD. I've had it about 3 days now and I LOVE it.

In my next post you'll see just how awesome it is. Sadly the battery only lasts 2 hours. But that's 2 hours of video. I figure that should be more than enough for a day. My camera is the Cannon Powershot SD550 which takes great pictures and can also record video but no where close to the quality of the Vado HD.

So expect lots of videos of the upcoming vacation. And besides I'm also lugging my camera with me just in case things don't go as planned.

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