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Monthly Update

Yep, it looks like my blog is turning into a monthly updated blog. Not exactly the stuff of legends but it suits my purposes for now. A boring chronicle of my life, still it beats keeping a diary. At least there are pictures with a blog.

Here's some of the foods I've had for the past month:

Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts. I loved this soup, it reminds me of my childhood. The only problem is getting lotus root in USA. Gotta drive ll the way to the asian grocery store.

Here we have the makings of Chicken Laksa! Once in a while this really hits the spot. And instead of turnip (Jícama) that's usually used, daikon makes an excellent substitute.

Sometimes you have a craving for meat and nothing but a big ol' piece of steak will do.

And I've been making a lot of healthy soups since I found my blood sugar was too high. The result is a clear soup of tofu, celery, daikon, peanuts and mushrooms. Delicious and healthy.

I mentioned getting a scare because my blood sugar was too high. (Yes I'm dibetic). The blame is pointed at moon cakes. Its the season and I bought a box of 4 (because no one in Minneapolis sells it alone). And proceeded to eat 1 cake a day. This is probably the first time in 2-3 years that I've eaten moon-cake.

PS. VERY VERY bad idea for dibetics. But it was soooo good.

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