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Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 has come and gone and so has my B'day. And now we speed on to the New Year. It has been a pretty good year for me.
- Met my financial goals thanks in large part to my parents
- Went on an Alaskan cruise (With my Folks)
- Spent good quality time with my folks
- No major mishaps or bad news
What more can a person ask for.

Here's what ot looked like outside my house for Christmas. A very White Christmas.

And here's my Christmas Dinner. Its VERY expensive take out from Maggiano's. So far its cost me about $300 and I expect that cost to increase about about $1000 +.

I had an accident driving back from picking up the food and it basically dented my front driver's door. Then on Monday when I had to go into work, it would not start. So a tow bill later, I've found that the car is sound (it was the engine being flooded) and I can open the doors just fine. But I'll probably being it in to get the driver's door fixed. But no real rush there.

It was a good meal. No where close to what it really costs though.

And finally, here's dinner tonight. I bought 1 1/2 dozen eggs so I've got to use them by 18th Jan. Tonight we are having a vegetable frittata.

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