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Thanksgiving till Now

Here's a little of what's been keeping me busy for the past month or 2, outside of work.

Dragon Age Origins. Perhaps the BEST RPG game ever created to date. I've spent 79 hours on the game so far to complete it my first time through. I'm started another play through now :)

For Thanksgiving this is what I had. Everything was pre-packaged although I did have to cook the mushroom risotto. The panko crusted shrimp was heaven and the Duck was so good. And yes I had 2 desserts, Pumpkin pie and Tiramisu.

Next up is what I had for dinner last night. Korean Noodles (Which are very good) and added some Char Siu (roasted pork) and veggies. Accompanying that is steamed egg with ground turkey.

And I finally put up my Christmas tree. The new Christmas Ornament for 2009 is Santa on a whale which I got from my trip to Alaska with the folks in July. And yes, I have 3 gifts to myself under the tree which I'll open on Christmas day. :)

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