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April 2010

Been a while since I made a post. So here's what's happening in my life right now. I started work with a new client in Pittsburgh so that means I'm traveling every week from Sunday - Thursday to and from Pittsburgh.

Aside from that, found out that the folks and family will be traveling to visit me on Memorial Day weekend this year. So I have a little over 2 months to get the house in order. My extra bedroom/book room has not seen visitors for about 2-3 years now and has turned into a book/dvd storage room. So I've spent the past 2 weeks, clearing out carton after carton stored in that room and filling up my dustbin with trash bags.

And since I only tackle home improvement projects when some one comes to visit me, this is my improvement for 2010.

The book shelf cost about $98 and of course I spent several hours assembling it but I think it looks good, much better than the plastic storage boxes. The ambitious part of me wants to get 1-2 more book shelves for the living room and perhaps several more for my bedroom. The realistic part of me is saying... one shelf at a time boy and I don't feel up to assembling another this weekend.

Since I'm traveling every week now, I don't have much time to cook. Here's some of the weekend meals I've been getting. Costco's prepared food section is my new best friend.

I just had this steak last week. Nuked the broccolini in the microwave for 6 mins, and broiled the steaks for 6 mins each side. Salt and pepper for seasonings and dinner is served in 15 mins. It was so good that I'm doing it again this week. But sub out the broccolini for broccoli and potato salad.

PS. This was the meal I got CNY week.

Also I bought 3 boxes of puff pastry and made lots of curry puffs for my friends, sadly Americans were ok with it but not crazy for it. So guess who ate all the curry puffs? God they were good.