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Stargate more popular than Startrek?

"I am always amazed when I travel abroad that Stargate has become huge," says actor Robert Picardo. "[It's] huge in Britain. It's far eclipsed Star Trek. It's now huge in Germany. I understand they're making big inroads in other countries."

YES! I've always thought so. Here's the article. While Startrek:The Next Generation had a very strong cast and pretty good writers, the rest of the Startrek franchise has suffered from absolutely terrible writing and storylines.

Stargate on the other hand has a strong cast and excellent writing. Moreover, they are adapting. After 8 seasons of fighting the Goa'uld, they finally ended that conflict and are starting with a new cast mix and new enemy for Season 9, The Ori.

When will Studio execs learn that while the SciFi folks are as swayed by pretty faces and big explosions as anyone else, if you want us to spend mucho $$$ on your franchise year after year, you've GOT to have a solid storyline. This means you too SciFi Channel! Stop spending money on those 2nd rate original movies and make one with a decent storyline.

Anyway, here's a few screenies of the Ori. As powerful as the ancients but hell bent on converting everyone by force. I'm loving Season 9.

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