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Windfall !

WOOHOO!!! I just came into some money! I had a raise in Feburary this year but because of some complications I only just got the increase, pro-rated back to February! :) It also comes at a very good time because I recently got a bill from my mortgage company for taxes due on my house which came up to about $1.4K (The house was only built in 2004 so it takes a little over a year before they figure out the actual taxes).

After that I still have a couple thousand left. Part of which I'm saving (Its the squrrel in me) and the remainder is enough to go on a mini shopping spree, buy a decent digital camera, and a plane ticket for Late September for a Serenity weekend!

Sigh... I know its not very exciting, the pics show the results of my shopping spree. But aside from buying more DVD's I don't need, there's just nothing that I really wanted to buy, which I guess is a good thing.

Regardless, I feel really good right now. I'm so glad I checked my bank account before the weekend was up.

hey man,
just discovered your cool blog - i like it! and i notice you've graciously linked to me. i'll return the favour now that i know. you're probably aware of this but your columns are a bit screwed up on your template - i've noticed the same problem on other blogs with similar templates so there's probably a solution available out there. and one last question - where did you get the HOT 'About Me' image of Batman and Robin?? See ya round cyberspace!

Hi cyparissus :)

Thanks for the complement, I do love reading your blogs. I know my blog looks wierd on IE but since I use Firefox it shows up fine. Still I'll get around to fixing it eventually :)

Oh and for more catoonish pics check out:

Diet Snapple? Ewww.

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