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My Weekend Trip to Pittsburg

It was a really fun weekend. I got to catch up with eins, we watched Senerity, met her newest boyfriend, and we gorged ourselves silly. Kinda bumbed that Senerity only earned 10 million, but at least it came in 2nd and beat Into the Blue.

Click here to see the tons of food pictures I took.

Here a pic I took that were not food related:A Cute little sidewalk graffiti, esp for us Sci Fi freaks.

PS. If you've watched Family Guy and liked it or the Simpsons, you owe it to yourself to watch this DVD - Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story You will not believe how over the top it is. My jaw was hanging open 1/2 the show, its that outrageous.

I want that DVD so bad! I cant find it anywhere locally

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