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Which Queer as Folk character are you?

This quiz is SOOOOooo inaccurate. Me? Brian Kinney?!? He sees more action in 1 weekend than I do in a decade. Opps.. that does not reflect well on me does it?

Thanks to executorlouis for the quiz.
You are Brian Kinney. "The stud of Liberty
Avenue," you do what you want, when you
want. Your motto is "no apologies, no
regrets" and you live life to the fullest,
even if it means stepping on the feelings of
others to get your way. Despite this however,
you do love those who deserve it, although you
have strange ways of showing it. You can't do
anything halfway, and believe people should get
what they deserve, no more, no less.

Which Queer as Folk character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Just want to say thanks for adding me, and hey, i don't think these quizzes are really that accurate. Heh. Its just like doing those CLEO mag quizzes, except on an even more dumbed down level!

lol..anyway, being a QaF fan, how could i resist? =P

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