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Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Happy Lunar New Year all! Its the year of the pig.

This is something a little new for my home. When I first moved into my house (about 3 years ago) I envisioned having the blown up faces of looney tunes characters hangin g on the walls. After 3 years of procrastinating I finally got off my duff and got the posters I wanted. Here's the results.

And for the New Year, I got the urge to cook. Here are my efforts. Ayam Panggang (BBQ Chicken) and Babi Chin (Stewed Park Belly). The chicken turned out pretty good, but I've had lots of tries to perfect it. The pork dish is kind of a traditional dish my mom makes at New Year. Its turned out pretty ok, but the taste is just a little off, I need to tune it a bit.


Happy New Year dude. Guess you're not coming back this year.

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