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I got a great gift for Christmas 2007 from a close friend. She gave me an iPod nano. Now the gift in and of itself was nice, and having a small device that allows you to listen to about 20 CD's is great, except I'm not too big on music. I listen to music cd's but I only buy a couple a year so an iPod isn't all that important to me.

However, there is something called podcasts that I've been introduced to that has changed my life and has made the iPod a necessary device in my daily life. Podcasts are recordings (think of them as radio show) made by individuals who are just like you or me about subjects that interest them. These are not one off shows, but regular shows (weekly or biweekly) that you can download everyweek to listen to.

I'm essentially a programmer and I find that to allieve the bordom and tediousness of my job, I listen to podcasts while I'm programming and driving to and from work. Its better than listening to the radio because its about a subject that interests you and there are no commercials. Some people work better in total silence, but I find that while coding, I need some noise that distracts me from anything except what I'm working on. One method I used was to rip DVD sitcoms like Friends, burn them to CD's and listen to them at work. I've even done it with a few movies. But now thanks to Podcasts, I don't need to spend hours doing this anymore.
Although these recordings are called Podcasts, you don't need an iPod to listen to them. Many make their podcasts available on the internet so you can listen to them from their homepage, and other competing devices like the Zune can also play them. But the advantage of the iPod is Sony's iTunes which allows you to subscribe to all these shows and download them automatically to your iPod. This convenience is what sold me and has made me an iPod convert.

So when my iPod's battery finally fails, instead of replacing the battery (instructions are readily available online), I think I'll be getting a better iPod, one that plays videos and holds more storage.

Like radio shows, not everyone can make a podcast. The hosts of the show must have a soothing voice and of course content and style are important. Its not always easy to find podcasts what appeal to you. Here are some podcasts which I always download.

- Slice of Scifi (Scifi News)
- VirginWorlds (Gaming News)
- MOG (Gaming News)
- Feast of Fools (Gay Lifestyle)

So if you listen to a podcast regularly, please share. I'm always on the lookout for good podcasts. And if you've never heard of podcasts, give them a try.

I don't listen to many podcasts but I couldn't live without my iPod. I have to listen to music like 24/7. I can't even drive if I don't have music on. Once my car stereo broke and I was late to work because I just HAD to fix it right away. LOL.

You're a programmer? I salute you. I did two years and almost died. My mind is so not cut out for programming!

I can easily imagine how music on your iPod is so important. Even though music isn't big with me, I find that putting the iPod into Shuffle mode makes it seems as if I'm listening to a really good radio station without the pesky commercials.

Hehe programming is great for me. But I know what you mean. I think I'd die if I had a job in more creative fields like marketing. I've had meetings with the 'creative' folks and it almost drove me mad, they seem to get side tracked over the smallest thing.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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