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DVD Review: The History Boys

This movie was actually a very successful stage play in London. It was so popular that they did a world tour and spent about 8 months on Broadway, all to sell out performances. Then the original cast made the movie. Yep, everyone in the movie is from the original stage cast which is unusual.

I didn't know what to expect from this show, some compared it to Dead Poets Society but its not. The show is about a group of 8 boys from lower to middle income families in England who are very smart and having passed their A levels (the British standardized exam) are now cramming to get a place in Cambridge University, one of the most prestigeous schools in England and the world.

The jist of the story is actually the teachers that they have and their very different teaching methods. The writing is excellent and very witty. The fact that the entire cast has done this play for several years gives them a repoire that enhances the whole show.

I throughly enjoyed this show. It was fast paced and funny, and best of all, there was closure at the end. I won't say more than that the ending was very satisfying. I highly recommend this movie and wish that I had seen in on Broadway.

I give this show a 9/10. PS. Watch the video journal of their world tour in special features.

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