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Movie Review - Transformers

When I first heard about a live action movie of Transformers several years ago I was not on the band wagon. In fact, my first thoughs were Transformers? Didn't that go out of fashion in the 90's. Who the heck in interested in Transformers now?

But as time went on and I started seeing stills of the show, I started getting very interested. And when the full traillers of the movie started appearing, I was now fully on the band wagon. So naturally I had to catch the first showing of Transformers at 8pm on Monday.

I'll keep the review of the actual movie short. Its good. Its very very very good. This is the kind of action show we expect for the 4th of July weekend. I would say that this is Michael Bay's best show. There's lots of amazing special effects, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) truly are the top of the heap when it comes to special effects and this movie just cements their crown.

The acting is solid, the show doesn't take it self too seriously which is evident from the many funny moments but under it all is the battle between Autobots vs Deceptercons, with the human race as a backdrop.

I give this one a 5/5, a perfect summer action blockbuster movie.

You're definitely rite that it's Michael Bay's best effort ever...saw the show twice, once with Ruby (who actually said that it's a great show....now that doesn't come easily) and the second time with the kids...would spend $$again to watch it the 3rd time...and oh ya, the girl's quite cute too:)

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