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2007 Fall TV Shows - Part 1

There are so many new shows this season and most of them start this week. Here's the ones I watched:

Chuck New Show
This dramedy centers around a computer geek named Chuck Bartowski who becomes the CIA's most important agent when he accidentally opens a top-secret email full of government secrets, which somehow downloads into his brain. Can the CIA protect him from terrorists before they can access the tremendous amount of government knowledge from Chuck's brain?

Impressions: I liked this show. A LOT, which surprised me because I didn't expect to. Its funny, Chuck is a geek but he also comes across as sincere and very likable. Can't wait for the next episode.

Journeyman New Show
This mystery-drama revolves around a newspaper reporter named Dan Vasser who suddenly begins to travel through time to change the lives of those around him. When his travels reunite him with his long-lost fiancée Livia, life with his present-day wife get very interesting.

Impressions: Less than impressed. The writing is ok, but they have got to ramp up the explainations of how and why this guy is going through time in the next 2-3 episodes or I'm gone. If they try to drag out the explainations across the whole 1st season then forget about it. Look at Lost, 3 Season in and does anyone know anything more about the damn Island or why/how they got marooned there? The days of stringing the viewer along is past.

Gossip Girl New Show
From the brilliant minds that brought us The O.C. comes a fun drama about wealthy teens living in New York City. They may live privileged lives, but someone amongst their group is always busy blogging about their dirty little secrets - the problem is they don't know who has been betraying them.

Impressions: I'm almost ashamed to admit this but this show reeled me in pretty darn fast. Its got a young fresh cast, pretty solid writing and that X factor that makes this a guilty pleasure. It gets 2 thumbs up from me, I jsut hope it doesn't become yet another tedious teenaged drama.

Private Practice New Show
This is a spin off from Grey's Anatomy and stars its more doctor dramady. I really like the cast for this show but I'm not so sure if it will make it. The premiere episode has its moments but is it enough to last the whole season? Only time will tell.

Reaper New Show
A twenty-something slacker works as a bounty hunter for the devil.

Impressions: Let me make my first cancelled prediction. The show's premise sounds funny but the actual show is strange. It's not a full comedy or a drama and actually comes across as a dark comedy. In any other year where the Sci-fi Fantasy quotient is fairly low, this show might make it, but this year we've got so many better options like Chuck and Pushing Dasies, I don't see Reaper making a full season.

House Returning Show
Ahhh.. House is back and he's got no ducklings. In fact, he's weeding through 40 fresh applicants for new ducklings and is still as hard to get along with as always. Even better news is that the 3 old ducklings will be coming back at various times this season. I'm glad, I've grown so attached to Foreman, Cameron, and Chase. PS. House and Wilson have a hilarious blackmail thing going on, I laughed and laughed so hard.

Ugly Betty Returning Show
Last season ended with a number of cliffhangers and I'm happy to say that almost all of them are answered/ended in season 2's first episode. Ugly Betty is still my pick for best comedy!!! LOVE IT!

Grey's Anatomy Returning Show
I was actually hesitant about Grey's new season. Grey's Anatomy started out as more of a comedy with some serious moments, but last season ended with SUCH a DOWNER. Nobody had a happy ending, everyone was basically depressed. Regardless, it's still excellent writing and likable characters and this year we have a whole bunch of new green interns and the current crop of character are now the experienced doctors. Love it.

Heroes Returning Show
Season 2 of Heroes is just as griping as ever, and as we all knew, the 2 main characters from last season's fanale are not dead. Both are back although not quite whole. And as always, Heroes is doing things right. No season ending cliffhangers, they fully intend to complete all story arcs in by season's end and not leave viewers hanging in case they get cancelled. WOOT! Someone in TV land actually get's things right.
This is a picture of new heroes that we will be meeting up with!

PS. I know, I know, I watch wayyyy too much TV.

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