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Movie Reviews: 27 Dresses

Remember Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride ? She was the bride in multiple weddings but never actually married, in 27 dresses, Katherine Heigl plays a soft hearted girl who has been a bridesmaid 27 times. But don't worry, while Runaway Bride stank to high heaven, 27 Dresses is a breath of fresh air.

I loved the show. Its simply a good old fashioned love story with comedy thrown in and the result is wonderful. Katherine Heigl is refreshing and when she smiles the screen simply loves her (a lot like Julia Roberts), and James Marsden is finally in a movie where he's the male hero and finally get's the girl. Both of them have great chemistry on screen.

While I liked the movie, I should also warn you that there's nothing new here. The movie follows the usual path of romantic comedies, boy meets girl, they don't like each other, they fall in love, boy marries girl. As long as you like the romantic comedy plotline, go for it, I'm sure you'll love the movie.

I give it a 4.5/5


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