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Day 9 of 365

Well its been 8 days since my last post. Not much to mention, things have been slowing down since the holidays. I did celebrate my Birthday on the 29th with Eins and her beau.

I also cooked while they were here. I made my grandmother's Satay Chicken again and also sambal eggs. The Satay Chicken is comfort food for me so I like making it around the holidays.

Since then, I've mostly been reading up a storm and playing computer games. My choice of books is kinda junkie, so I'm actually a little reluctant to list them but oh well. I may read a lot but I they sure as heck don't improve my mental skills.

That aside I've been playing Mass Effect. Here's a cool list of all the races you'll encounter in Mass Effect, and also the picture of my second character in Mass Effect.

I've also been playing some World of Warcraft. Yes I'm still playing it, mostly because there's a severe drought of good MMORPG's. I finally got my 2nd level 70 character (Isale) and now I'm playing with my Draenei Shaman.

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