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2008 Upcoming Movies - Till June

Personally, I think 2008 is a super year for movies. In almost every month there's at least 1 movie which I am highly anticipating, and this is only the Hollywood list, it doesn't include Asian films or international movies. Maybe the movie industry is finally getting the idea, content is king.

Jumper Highly Anticipated
This is a kind of superhero movie. About a boy who discovers the ability to teleport and then discovers a cult that is bent on killing people with such abilities.

Definately, Maybe MUST SEE
If you read my blog, you know I love romantic comedies. The trailers for this one looks so good and let's face it Ryan Reynolds is a major part of the anticipation. This once can't come soon enough.

The Spiderwick Chronicles So So
I'm wary about this show because there are so many kiddy inclined fantasy adventure movies now and most of them disappoint. So we'll see

10,000 BC Anticipated

Another very hyped movie. I first heard about it almost 3 years ago. So we'll see if it becomes an epic like 300.

Horton Hears a Who! Highly Anticipated
An animated movie based on Dr. Who? Saw the trailer and I'm instantly hooked.

21 So So
This is termed a Teen Ocean's 11. Could prove to be very entertaining

Never Back Down MUST SEE
OK, this is SO a guilty pleasure. Its billed as a teen version of fight clyb but the reason I want to wacth this movie is for the very eye candy worthy Sean Ferris. Like I said, a guilty pleasure. Helps that the two main leads are HOT!

Nim's Island Anticipated
I don't know much about this movie, but after seeing the trailer and with stars like Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and being billed as an Indiana Jones for girls, I'm very hopeful. Besides with Gerard Butler in the movie, how bad can it be :)

Made of Honor So So
Patrick Dempsey seems to be the new romantic lead guy. He might succeed Hugh Grant for the title.

Iron Man Highly Anticipated
I'm a superhero geek, so just sign me up for Ironman. Additionally, the buzz on this one is quite good.

Speed Racer Anticipated Failure
Speed Racer was originally a 70's or 80's anime and some one thinks it'll make a good live action movie? I predict it will crash and burn but it might be very fun to see how badly it crashes and burns

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian MUST SEE
I never read the rest of the Narnia books, but from the trailer this one looks just as good (in fact better) than the original. The young kids are more grown up and it looks more action packed

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull MUST SEE
Indy Fan here. So needless to say this is a must see for me and all Indy fan's out there.

Sex and the City: The Movie So So
It was a fun TV series and while not super high on my list, it is registering on my movie list. Personally, I think most of us have moved beyond Sex and the City.

Kung Fu Panda Highly Anticipated
Watch the trailer and you'll know why I consider it a must see.

This is a pixar movie, and the trailer is amazing!!! I haven't even see the movie and already I want a WALL.E plush toy. He's soooo cute.

The Incredible Hulk So so
Edward Norton and Liv Tyler remaking Hulk. Bah, can't suck as much as the Ang Lee version can it?

Get Smart Anticipated
Looks quite fun. I was a fan of the TV series so this is on my list to watch.


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