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When do you know that you're traveling too much? I recently got the Diamond VIP status with Hilton Honors. The VIP status go from Silver to Gold to Diamond. When I check in the hotel receptionist knows me by name and even my preferences without asking. (4 extra bottles of water and a wake up call at 6:10am).

Having VIP status does have its privileges, in this case I usually get free upgrades to a King suite if its available and free buffet breakfast daily. Although having a King suite is wasted on me, I really don't need or want the space, I'd rather they gave me a fridge in a normal room. And while I did indulge in the buffet breakfast initially, I had to cut back because I know its bad for me. So my daily breakfast now consists of 2 scoops of oatmeal and 2-3 links of sausage + some fruit and yogurt for snacking thru the day.

Oh and I also get airline miles and recently got silver award status with Northwest airlines. The only real benefit here is that I get to board the plane after 1st class passengers but before the rest of the horde. These benefits will really pay off when I make my trip back to Singapore, since miles are almost useless in terms of getting free tickets anymore, I'm gonna using mine to upgrade to first class. Should be fun, I've only flown first class once from Singapore to Narita airport in Japan and that was a lucky free upgrade. Its just too bad I don't drink.


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