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What I'm doing recently

Hard to believe but I've been on the road for 4 months now, traveling to and from Pittsburgh every week for work. Recently found out that I'll be doing it for 2 more months which bring it up to 6 months on the road.

My decision to buy a new laptop earlier this year was a very sound investment, its allowed me to keep my sanity while on the road. I can blog, surf and play games on this PC (although) slightly slower than when I'm at home but it gives me the illusion of being "home". This also tells you just how much time I spend on the computer.

Recently Blizzard(World of Warcraft) started a Refer-a-Friend program which has several tangible benefits. So I and many others have ... referred ourselves, meaning I now have 2 world of warcraft accounts.

I stated this Refer-A-Friend program at the start of August and I'm very happy to say that I now have 3 new Level 60 characters. For some reason the triple XP granted has re-fired up my interest in the game and I'm now working on leveling up a Hunter, Fighter and Shaman to 60. This will mean I'll have a level 60 for every character in WOW.

All I know is that its been consuming most of my free time this past month which makes the additional $15 a month very worthwhile.

In the next few weeks there are more distractions in store for me. SPORE is being released this week and I'll get my hands on it Thursday. I fully expect to be playing this non-stop creating creatures and getting them from a single celled organism to galactic conquest!

I might even use the 2 creatures I created.

And in 2 weeks, another MMORPG called Warhammer Online is being released. Its another Sword and Sorcery, Orc, Elves fantasy game like WOW, but people who crave new eye candy in the MMO space, it's a great distraction and should occupy me for a few weeks to ... months.


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