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The Day before I leave

That's right, I'm on vacation for the next 3 weeks and I'm flying back to Singapore in about 24 hours.

I thought about not posting the stuff that I'm bringing back this year mostly because the rug rats saw my blog post last year and knew what was coming to them. But I figured, what the hell. This way I'll also have a photo journal of things I brought back in previous years and decide if I should get more or scale back :)

FYI this is most of the items, but not all. And the underware you see was bought at the request of my sister. Trust me, spending 30 mins shopping for pre-teen female underware was not a great experience. Oh and as you can see the kids got a WII for Christmas so that was a no-brainer.

And at the request of many family members I scaled back on the sweets this year. But I do have a fun treat that I discovered, its called Astronaut Ice Cream!

PS. If my niece does somehow see this blog, don't freak out that the big stuff are all toys for your brother. Good things come in small packages (except when you're 6). And I didn't forget your B'day! Its in there somewhere :)

Cya all in about 36++ hours.


Definitely see you at the airport. Your site is generally out of bounds to her (what with its links not for eyes of a 10yr old), but she sneaks a peek whenever we are on the site so ... the girl is tactical lah

the sister

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