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My Life Right Now

Happy Halloween!

On the game front, I'm still playing World of Warcraft, as you can see I got a Flying Broom which was part of the new Halloween event for this year. And I also just got Hellgate London which I'm SOOOoo looking forward to playing.

And I'm actually flying back to Singapore in 2 days to visit the family. And I'm all prepared. Bought myself the new iPod Classic (80GB) and I can't be happier. I've only got about 3GB worth of songs but I also spent the last 2 weeks ripping dvd's from my collection and putting them on the iPod. I've got about 5 days worth of movies and tv shows, and plenty of batteries to keep the iPod charged. Don't lecture me on that being illegal. I paid for those DVD's and I should get to watch them in whatever format I desire.

Also got some new luggage and some stuff for the family. I think the niece and nephew are going to be pretty happy.


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