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My Spore Trip - Day 1 - 2

I decided to do a photo blog of my trip to Singapore this year. And since food is a national past-time with most Singaporeans, this will be mostly pics of foods that I had.

This is the T-shirt I wore on the plane. Read it and laugh. Almost no one did throughout the whole 24 hour flight. Which just goes to show that people (me included) are generally self absorbed.

I packed myself a little snack for the flight, and yes I did finish it. Chinese crackers, almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, and sesame garlic sticks.

I decided to have a little snack while waiting to board the plane at the airport. D'amico & Son's Chicken Gorgonzola Salad.

Here's the flight menu for Northwest from Minneapolis to Tokyo.

They served this meal about an hour + into the flight. Perhaps that Chicken Gorgonzola Salad was a mistake. This is the Braised Beef BBQ dish. The beef was certainly tender but I skipped the shrimp, it was soggy and less than fresh.

A litttle mid-flight snack. Ham and cheese sandwich with a Toblerone.

And just before arriving in Tokyo, we had the final flight meal. It was Scrambled eggs or fried rice and since I'm not a fan of Scrambled eggs, I took the rice. It was passable, not something I'd willingly order though.

The next leg of my trip was from Tokyo to Singapore, about 8 hours. We had a little pretzel and drink shortly after take off.

And here's the last airplane meal. It was a choice of fish or chicken, I choose the fish and it turned out pretty good. for some reason, the meals out of Tokyo Narita are a cut above most others. The quality was pretty obvious, even the bun was heated up unlike my previous flight.

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