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Kyle and Kal-El

YES! I finally bit the big one and bought a pet. 2 pets actually, 2 hamsters. I'll admit looking at all those cute photos of pets on cuteoverload really influenced my decision. So I went to the petco shop and down about $75 for 2 Russian Hamsters and their cool new home.
Here's their house all built. I could have gotten the cheaper plain cages but this was only $20 more and it does look cool.

Here are my 2 new Pets. Kyle and Kal-El. Why those names? Well if you've been reading my blog, you'll know that the 2 biggest shows for me in 2006 are Superman Returns and KyleXY. Yep, popular culture really influences our decisions.

So how did I decide who was which? That was really simple after some interaction with them.

Kal-El - Right off the bat, this bugger bit me as I was putting him in the cage. Within 2 mins of being in the "Observatory" he climbed down to the main section. And ever since he's been moving non-stop around his new home and even went up and down the tube to the observatory several times. Being so aggressive, he's Kal-El.(That's Superman's native name for you non-comic book fans)

Kyle spent over 45 mins in the top section of the cage. There's a tube that they can climb up into the "observatory" and into the main section of the cage. But Kyle constantly went down 1/2 way and climbed back up. He's too afraid to go down all the way. I finally took pity on him and put him directly into the main section. Hence, this one is Kyle. A little confused and afraid but so cute :)

I actually wanted a puppy but with the peeing and biting shoes and the fur shedding and having to walk the dog constantly... Let's see if I can take care of the hamsters.

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Good choice on getting the hamsters vs a puppy bro:). I like their names too. Have fun being a 'single parent'...hehehe

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