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Anatomy of my Christmas Tree

I just put up my Christmas tree last weekend, a little late but better then never. I live alone so its not a huge tree. And its pre-lit so I odn't have to bother with putting the lights on. Just 3 parts, the base, bottom and top. I think it looks nice when lit.

I got this tree in 2003 when I first moved into my house. I also started a tradition of adding new ornaments to the tree every year. As you can see for the first 2 years I was going for a silvery look. I got the pig because a certain good friend of mine loves piggies. And the colored balls were a find at Crate and Barrel that took my fancy. This year I found Sesame Street ornaments that I just loved. And that little star wand? That actually belongs to my niece. She visited me last year and that wand was from a doll. She forgot to take the wand back with her so I kept it as the Star on top of my tree.


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