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OMG! An anime about Bill Gates

You heard me. The people over at Japan TV posted this anime intro entitled Eccentric Merchant Gates - The Evil Bill Gates Anime. I kid you not, its about Bill Gates and his attempts to take over the world. LOL!!!
This is a translation of the words:
Eccentric eccentric eccentric merchant GATES!
Net being peaceful today
Eccentric(A merchant!) The hotness speed
fastest Windows98 function that Gates is means
of the punishment that substantiality is glad of
“OSR to 2!” ”
ActiveX to meet if I call it
It is entirely patch … of nonsense the driver who festered
“Fujitsu” “WaOhooon!”
“IBM” “Horohho!”
“NEC” “ukkkyy!”
“here, everybody go!”
A business associate is Microsoft
There is free-lance Wake now, and it is Ascii …
“off course”
Enemy or friend or S Jobs
“Is it enemy kana, a friend?”
But I can be lonely
I want to “never watch JDK of Sun”
Try 98 hard hang in there, and it is 98
I am limit …
Let I let me drink it and drink it
Mysterious revision 80byte … which nobody knows
Eccentric eccentric eccentric merchant GATES!

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