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I got a Personal Chief !

Well... close enough to a personal chief. I signed up with Seattle Sutton! Basically I pay them $125 (+$15 delivery fee) a week and I get 21 meals delivered to me, breakfast lunch and dinner, 2000 calories a day. So its almost like having a personal chief.

This is my latest effort to lose weight. Also it does allow me to get more variety in my diet. Currently I cook a big pot of something and it lasts 3days - a week. It does get boring after a while. And $125 isn't really expensive, considering I don't have to grocery shop any more, which can get expensive when you see all all the other junk food. Anyway, I'm trying it out for a few weeks and see if I like it.
My first food delivery. The food was delivered in this cool temperature controlled bag.

This is what 4 days of food looks like. Thursday's dinner thru Monday's Lunch. and the next delivery is Monday.
This is my first Seattle Sutton meal. Chips with salsa, a corn salad and Taco pie. It was pretty good, but I've got to get used to the portions.

Here's some other meals.

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Another version of tingkat, although suprised they deliver so many days of food in one delivery. But practical considering your distance & that people are not pantang to 'leftover' food. You eating breakfast now? Or you having breakfast with dinner to make up the portion.

The sister

Yep, I'm been eating breakfast since the start of this year. A bowl of oatmeal with milk every morning to lower cholesterol. Guess where I got that habit from. :p

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