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Christmas Presants

Remember my previous post about being a bad Uncle? Well I plan to rectify that. And it starts with always remembering to send them Christmas presents. I've been very lax in that department, but I remembered this year! Here's what I got them. The High School Musical DVD board game is meant for 6+ years old, but my nephew loves High School Musical. And the twister dance game seems popular with young girls. Both were on Amazon's top 20 toys for 2006. Have I mentioned that I love Amazon?

Sent them out on the 9th, so it should reach them in plenty of time :)


They both DO NOT deserve presents. This is my 2nd week leaving them with my mom-in-law at pasir ris while I go out to work. What does she do? The very first day, she gets her grandmother into a taxi to Tampines Mall Toys R Us. They got $50 bucks worth of prezzies. Yesterday, she ordered pizza & lasagne for lunch. All with her own initiative. Placed order. Gave address. Paid money. Got rid of evidence (boxes). Got caught coz the boy too innocent to keep secret. This is a for now thing. Can you imagine when they are in their teens? All we did was play with mom's make-up & cut up clothes. They do not deserve prezzies. (Father just, an hour ago, bought a tv for the car - I am upset now. Spend money did not consult me.)

The sister

Oh my! She's 7 now right? wow, ordered and paid for pizza all on her own. She is definately mor advanced that we were at that age. BTW isn't having > $10 unusual for a 7 year old?

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