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A bite to eat

Found this very interesting hobby. Making miniature fast-food.

i know it's hard to tell from this shot, so I'll give you something for scale. . . .

The burger was a little over one inch tall and about an inch wide.

Here, we have the "money shot" of the burger with its many teeny layers

After taking all the pictures we cut the tiny burger in half and each ate half. It tasted awesome.

Our official entry is the burger, though the burger and fries together are still less than two inches.
Here are some shots of the preparation of our mini-meal. Everything was handmade, including the tiny buns.

I used a Splenda packet for scale, since it was two inches long. Check out the mini pickles, onions and tomato!

It only took a few seconds to cook.

Testing the tiny french fries.

Two batches later. . .

So. . .very. . .small.

I made the soda and tray out of polymer clay and my husband designed and printed the label and tray liner out of Craftster content

We had so much fun making this together. It was seriously challenging, right down to the sesame seeds.

So, from the two of us, we hope you enjoy our delicious entry. . . .I know we did!

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