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DVD Review: The Lost Room

I watched a very good mini series this weekend, The Lost Room. This was originally shown on the SciFi channel in 2006 but I missed it then. But the reviews were very very good so I give it a try and boy was I happy I did.

The premise is about over 100 objects that look like every day objects from a key to bus ticket. But they all have wierd "Twilight Zone" abilities. Naturally, people the world over would kill to possess these objects.
A detective comes into contact with the "Key" during a murder investigation. The Key allows you to open any door with a lock and takes you to a motel room which is ... not in our time and space. Then from the room you can travel to any door in the world. Interestingly enough, everytime you open the door to the motel room, the room is reset, any items placed there disappear. The detective's daughter get's caught in the room by accident and is lost. In a desperate bid to recover his daughter, the detective is forced into a world of murder, intrigue, betryal, and more objects.

If you like Scifi shows, I highly recommend this miniseries. Its headed by Peter Krause of Six Feet Under fame and is very well done, all the actors in the show are excellent. The thing I love most about the showis that the objects can have powers that are completely unrelated to their form. For example, the Pen allows you to send out microwave pulses which can fry a person or short circuit something. The Watch has a pretty mundane ability to perfect hard boil an egg. The Quarter which can literally cause anyone you've ever met to appear for a short time. On top of this, when objects are brought together, they sometimes allow new powers to manifest. This makes for an almost unlimited combination of abilities.

If your hankering for a good show and like Scifi, go get The Lost Room. You won't regret it. I give this miniseries a 9/10. And I hope that SciFi channel will create this into a series, there's just sooo much potential.

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