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2007 Fall Lineup - Part 2

Dirty Sexy Money New Show
When idealistic attorney Nick George's (Peter Krause) father dies, he ends up taking his father's clients, the Darlings, led by patriarch Tripp (Donald Sutherland). It's not always easy for Nick handling both legal and sometimes illegal matters.
Impressions: I almost skipped this show. But thankfully give it a try. This show stars Peter Krause of Six Feet Under fame, and is awesome! The darlings are super mega rich and totally completely disfunctional, and not in a good way. As their lawyer, Nick is essentially the go to guy cum babysitter, its hilarious. A must watch. And it also has a plot twist. We now know that his father was murdered... but by whom?

Moonlight New Show
After being turned into a vampire 60 years ago by his new wife, Mick St. John has resisted the lure of the flesh by helping the helpless humans. After spending his undead life doing good, Mick decides the time is right to pursue a real relationship - can he find the right woman?
Impressions: I'll admit, the whole vampire thing almost threw me off. We've had Buffy, Angel, blood Ties and any number of vampire themed shows and I had just about quit on the whole genre.But I was plesantly surprised. I'm still unsure how this show is going to turn out but it was a refreshing view on vampires. No self angst or dumb hate the world theme. Just people who happen to live long lives and drink blood. I'm not saying its a winner but its got me reeled in to watch at least several more episodes.

Bionic Woman
An updated version of the classic Bionic Woman
Impressions: Reviews I've read on this show are mixed. Some love it and some hate it. I fall into the less than impressed crowd. I loved the 70's TV series and was hoping for a reimagining of the series. The main thing that turns me off now is that I think Bionic woman is going to be another Alias, just not as well written or acted. I'll watch a few more episodes but like I said, not impressed.

Ahhhhh... Season 7 of Smallville and many think this will be the last season. I'm was originally a fan of the series but after 6 seasons of no plot expansion, I'm tired. Lex has had 6 seasons to turn evil and he's still conflicted, Clerk has had 6 seasons and he's still denying his heritage. I've sat through 6 seasons and just want to smack all these dumbasses. Come-on people, advance the plot line for pete's sake. That said, the addition of Clerk's cousin Super-girl might be fun. Its no longer a top-pick for me but I'll still catch the occassional episode. Smaillville's fun that way.

Ghost Whisperer
Not going to comment too much on Ghost Whisperer. Going into season 3, we are finally getting into the whole overarching storyline. Again my problem is that there are way too many filler episodes and not enough of a continuation on the storyline. When will directors and writers learn that the audience wants plot advancement and not at a snail's pace. Ghost Whisperer get a luke warm reception from me.

I love Numb3rs. Interesting storyline and likable characters. Creative use of problem solving. Essentially, I like to think that I get just a little smarter watching the show. Completely untrue but it makes me feel smart when I listen to Charlie spout on about advanced theories and such.

Stargate Atlantis
OMG. This has got to be one of Atlantis's best season opener ever. I was on the edge of my seat and I simply love Carter coming on-board with Atlantis. Granted I'm just a little biased as I've been a VERY loyal follower of Stargate SG1 for 10 seasons and since its been cancelled (DAMN YOU SCIFI CHANNEL!!!) I've got to get my Stargate fix somewhere.

Desperate Housewives
Another strong returning series. These Housewives lead the most amazing lives and things just keep happening to them. I won't go into details but, if you loved the past 3 seasons, keep on watching. My only question is when do we get to see the new gay couple!!!

Brothers & Sisters
Ahhh another guilty pleasure. This is a show for all who love soap operas and secretly love to cry. Go watch season 1 if you missed it and following it up with episode 1 of season 2. Almost a guranteeded good cry while you sympathize with Sally Fields. It clears your synisus and tear ducts and gives you a warm glow as you lament how much better your life is than this screwed up, dysfunctional yet loving family.

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