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Dancing with the Stars - 2007

This will be the first time I'm watching Dancing with the Stars, it never caught on with me, so why watch it this season? The Stars. I LOVE many of this season's stars, Marie Osmond=, Jane Seymour, Jennie Garth, and Cameron Mathison.

And I'm so glad I caught it, the first week's dance was AWESOME!!!! As long as my favorites are still around I'll be a faithful watcher.

Marie Osmond - Ohhh I loved how fun she made the dance, she truly knows how to play the audience.

Jane Seymour - She is elegance personified!

Jennie Garth - Oh she's so damn sweet. I love watching her.

Sabrina Bryan - no idea who she was but her dance was by FAR the best. It really impressed me.

Cameron Mathison - I've always had a soft spot for Cameron. Can you blame me?

Albert Reed - No idea who he is but DAMN!!! That first cha cha was HOT HOT HOT.


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