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Advance Christmas Treat

Yes! I got myself an XBOX 360 for christmas. I'm a life long gamer but I'm held off buying a 360 because they just didn't make games that really appeal to me. I'm a big Role playing game person (RPG) and the 360 seems geared towards the First Person Shooter (FPS)crowd.

So what made me change my mind? MASS EFFECT !

A little game company called Bioware created an RPG called MASS EFFECT that had me drooling for the past year now. In case you don't know Bioware also created Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and Jade Empire. So for the past weeks since Thanksgiving I've been hearing left and right on gaming blogs, podcasts and gaming news about how awesome the game is.

My main stumbling block was the cost ($350). Not that I can't afford it myself but ... I'm cheap. Thankfully I got an advance Christmas and B'day gift from Eins which helped to supplement the costs and the result is I've been having a BLAST the past 2 night and fully intend to hole up for the next 4 days playing Mass Effect.

Did I mention I got God of War as well? I'm about 9 hours in Mass Effect and loving it to bits but as an RPG it tends to be a little story heavy. God of War is a simply brainless action game and balances Mass Effect perfectly. I know its an older game but I finally decided to give it a try and I must agree with others that its an amazing game. Even though I'm terrible at action games this one has an easy mode and the level design and puzzles are simply stunning.

hei bro..u know what goes well with the XBox 360???..a 37 inch or 42 inch LCD tv!!!...:)

LOL, hmmm... might be something to consider next year!!!

Only 1 more week till I can consider it. Might just do that, my main problem is needing someone to cart off my current very heavy TV.

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