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Movie Review: I am Legend

I am Legend is actually a remake. The first time the movie was called "The Last Man on Earth" in 1964 and starred Vincent Price, then it was remade as "The Omega Man" in 1971 starring Charlton Heston. And now in 2007 "I am Legend" starring Will Smith.

The story based on a book published in 1954 is basically about Vampires. Essentially, an apocalypse caused by man manipulating bacteria, which causes people infected to suffer from the symptoms of which are very similar to vampirism. Sunlight burns them, they eat flesh and blood etc. Of the whole world there is only one survivor and the story unfolds there. The thing that makes this story unique from other vampire novels is the ending.

The Will Smith version of this movie in set in New York and updated so that it makes sense in today's world. The ending is vastly different from the original book (See the Vincent Price version for a more accurate version of the book). Will Smith is immune to the virus which is now air-borne, and on a quest to find a cure for the virus. Oh did I mention that he's in the military and also a scientist? Hence his being able to fight and survive the vampires (who don't come out in the day) and work towards a cure. His only companion is his faithful dog.

I won't give away what happens later in the show mostly because the ending is what makes the show interesting. But I do hope that people will stop remaking this movie. Truthfully, it was semi-decent novel in the 1950's simply because they didn't have much in the way of horror. But in today's world the plot is a little thin. Don't go in expecting a epic movie like Independence Day. Like I said despite a strong performance from Will Smith, its just him and the dog for about 3/4 of the movie.

I give this one a 4/5. But I would also say that while its worth a watch, don't knock yourself out to go watch it.

PS. Will Smith is 39 this year and OMG he's in fricking amazing shape. In "I, Robot" we were all blown away when he did the shower scene, but in "I am Legend" there's an extended workout scene and like I said he looks even better. Who'd have thought that this is the same guy from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

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