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Cold Weather

Having just come back from Singapore its fun to note that the weather in Minneapolis is ... snowy. We had a snow storm this last weekend (about 6-8 inches). nterestingly enough, I think is this one of the earlier snowfall's that's hit Minneapolis in the past 5+ years.

Well its snowing again today, its been snowing the whole damn day and the drive home that usually takes 45mins - 1 hour took 3 hours tonight. Its days like today that I'm glad I don't have to shovel anything, that's why I pay a monthly association fee. Below is a picture of what the snow looks like outside.

On an unrelated topic, I bought a new humidifier from amazon, mostly cos it gets real dry in the winter. Its sooo cute.

wow...kids just saw the pictures and raiyan's bugging us to visit again...:)

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