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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

I just watched the season 1 dvd of this new sitcom comedy and I was instantly hooked. Its that good. Sitcoms are not so much about writing or jokes and such but more about the chemistry of all the actors in the show and how they play against each other.

The Big Bang Theory is about 2 genius nerds who are roommates, and then a pretty waitress moves in next to them. Rounding out the cast are 2 more nerd friends who are constantly at the apartment. Sound dull? Well, try explaining Frasier or Friends or Seinfeld.

The Big Bang Theory is all about the actors, the awesome acting and excellent script. With each episode you watch, you get more and more into the characters and the show. And being a nerd myself, not only am I not insulted, I find myself charmed by the way they are portrayed. To make things even more fun, they have actual factual physics/math/science Easter eggs throughout the show.


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