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My S'pore Trip - Day 3 - 4

I arrived in S'pore at the ungodly hour of 1am on Saturday morning. And was greeted by a very excited niece and nephew. And way, below are some of the meals I had this weekend.

My dad bought breakfast on Saturday, I really like the pork porridge.

Saturday's dinner was home cooked. Curry Veggies (sayoh loday) and chicken rempah. I loved both, the chicken was basically pressure cooked and was sooo tender, and coconut milk is always welcomed.
PS. That's brown rice. My sis is right, brown rice might be healthy for you, but it does not go well with curry.

Sunday's Breakfast was pretty expensive. About $7.50, I think i went wild with the additional toppings on my noodles. Oh and I had porridge as well :)

Sunday's dinner was home cooked as well. The little dish on the top right is fried fish roe, yummy. The rest of it was fish, chicken, and spinach and fishball soup.

Other snack I had included Sui Mai, fishballs from Old Chang Kee and Curry Puff.

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