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Notable New TV Shows

I'm not talking about new TV series shows, that usually happens in the fall. But this weekend end we have a treat, popular novels are being made into TV shows.

Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic will air this Sunday.

Should be fun, its a Discworld book. If you don't know that world, its full of magic and witch's and dragons. Also, Discworld is a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which, in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle. And if that brand of humor appeals to you (which it does to millions of readers) we should be in for a treat.

Actually this was created in the UK and was shown there in 2008, so there's a chance it might be on DVD in some parts of the world.

Check out the trailer:

4 of Nora Robert's books got turned into Made for TV movies in 2007. Carolina Moon, Blue Smoke, Montana Sky, and Angels Fall. For 2009, we are getting another 4 books turned into movies, Tribute, High Noon, Midnight Bayou, and Northern Lights.

Nora's books are almost always on the bestseller list. They are always more about character studies, and focus on people which make them very suited for a TV movie.

Tonight is the premiere of Northern Lights on Lifetime starring Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes.

I'll admit that the first 4 movies in 2007 were ok. They were made for TV and as such quality/acting etc was so so. This time round however, I think much more money is being poured into the movies as evidenced by the cast, some of whom are almost A list stars. Like Eddie Cibrian, Jason Lewis, and Brittany Murphy.

So for fans of romance and Nora Robert's, its gonna be a great 4 weeks.
PS. Did I mention that I absolutely love their choices for leading men for these 4 movies?

Check out the trailer for Northern Lights

Check out the trailer for Midnight Bayou

Check out the trailer for High Noon

Check out the trailer for Tribute

Whoa! Tery Pratchett's work on the TV should be interesting. I think I'd give it a chance first. Thanks for the info!

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