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1st Day of work in 2009

Well its not news that many people are out of work, but as a consultant, having some months of the year off between assignments is fairly common.

I finished up my last assignment in Pittsburgh the day after New Years, took about a month to visit family in Singapore and have been 'on the bench' for the past month. So I started work with my new client today which is great. Even better, its an in town assignment so no traveling is involved. The only real down side? The company requires a formal dress code. That means long sleeve shirts and ties.

I've not worn a tie in years and it took me a full hour to remember how to knot a tie correctly. Also, I own exactly 2 suit, both of which don't quite fit anymore and since I'm not willing to purchase a new one, I'm not wearing a suit. Only a tie to work. Which works out because even with formal wear, only about 50% of the folks actually wear a proper suit.

Although I'm gay, I'm not fashionable or much into clothes. But thankfully I do have about 3 brand new dress shoes that I bought previously. Just never got the chance to wear them. Below, are a pair of low rise leather boots which I fell in love with about 3 years ago. I'm finally taking them out of the box.

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