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NYC 2010 - Day 2

Yep, the photos are about a week late but that's cos I used my camera on Day 2 and forgot to bring the cord to connect it to my PC. Ah well.

Pic of Trumph Tower as I walk to Niketown to get new shoes.

Finally at Nike Town. Spent about an hour here to and tried on about 5 pairs of track shoes.

Here's my new Shoes. I went with the extra cushion, its about double what I would normally spend on for shoes but man does it feel comfortable. I can even skip wearing my "special" insoles.

I went to Chinatown next to buy food and finally to catch Next to Normal at 2pm. I LOVE this musical. Its so powerful and I even teared up. If you read the synopsis of the musical it sounds depressing but like I said the music is so strong and moving. I highly recommend this one.

Something new I noticed since I last visited NYC, they have carts selling fruits now. Healthy living is very in vouge. Still its good that you can purchase these fruits, its a lot healthier than getting a pretzel or hot dog.

And here's the food I bought from Chinatown. Its a lot but this should cover dinner as well as my after musical meal.

After eating I had about 2 hours before my next musical. A little Night Music. This was a pleasant surprise. It was an entertaining musical but I really wish Angela Landsbury was playing her role. Of all 3 musicals that I watched, Next to Normal was hands down the best with A Little Night Music coming in 2nd.

This is breakfast at the hotel on Day 3. It rained Sunday and I had to leave for the airport at 10am so there really wasn't much sight seeing.

And finally a shot of NYC time square at noon on Saturday. Sigh... Good memories.