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KyleXY - Season 2

Remember my previous posts on KyleXY? Well at long last Season 2 will premiere on June 11th 2007 on ABC Family and I CAN"T WAIT! For me KyleXY is akin to Heroes.

And for those of you who don't know, KyleXY is a teenager who wakes up in the forest naked and with a total amensia. We discover he's got amazing abilities and is also missing a belly button. Throughout Season 1, we discover what he's capable of and eventually what he is! (That was the season cliffhanger)

If you're interested, go get the season 1 DVD that just came out on 22nd May. Mine is arriving today and I'm going to spend Memorial weekend watching KyleXY. Some may question why I would bother since I already watched and recorded almost all the episodes last season. Well... the difference is DVD quality. You see ABC Family (and for that matter Scifi Channel) do not have Hi-Def channels on my current cable service. That means I'm watching my favourate shows like KyleXY, Stargate SG1 and etc on analog feeds and trust me when I say that it makes a world of difference to watch them in Hi-Def. It almost makes the show completely different.

Anyway, go get the DVD and get ready for Season 2 of KyleXY!!!

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