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TV shows Online - plus a rant

How was your memorial day weekend? Do anything special? I spent mine watching TV Shows that had yet to be released. That's right. I watched Season 3 of Dr. Who and the entire Season 1 of Torchwood.
Being selfish, I debated if I should post the link on my blog, after all if there's too much traffic to the site where all these TV shows exist, then it will get more attention and possible be shut down. But then again I found out about the site from a podcast and honestly its not like my blog attracts tons of visits anyway. So in the interest of sharing here's the site. It contains links to entire seasons of popular TV shoes in the US and UK.


I don't feel the least bit guily about visiting this site or even about the site's existance. Contrary to the movie/TV studio's belief, these sites exists to fan the flames of fans of the various shows. And instead of eating into their profits could actually enhance it. Instead they refuse to see new possibilities and methods of revenue, instead clinging to the old methods and resorting to lawsuits.

Its my prediction that the first company that enables or allows simultaneous TV and movie releases around the world is going to make a fortune. A HUGE fortune. Because with the internet, consumers are more savvy, we know about movies/shows/games that are being released in other parts of the world. And most of us being internet savvy want what we want NOW. Not a year from now. (Hmmmm.... that sounded terribly spoilt but... its the truth)

Some movies (the huge blockbusters like Harry Potter) are release worldwide. But aside from those, fans sometimes have to wait a year before movies are released in their countries. Why should the UK enjoy the show Torchwood ( a spinoff from Dr. Who) while fans in the US are completely blocked. There isn't even a mention that the show is being considered for the US. (Last I heard was that BBC America had the broadcast rights in America but as yet there's nothing scheduled for 2007. Someone's missing out on a lot of money by dragging their feet.)

I'll get off my soapbox now. But as I said, I feel no guilt. I have a DVR and will skip all the commercials anyway. And when the DVD becomes available, I'll still get them. So movie/TV studio's should start thinking about working with their consumers, not against them. Anyway until they come to their senses, go check out the shows on http://www.tv-links.co.uk

And if you enjoyed Dr. Who, try out Torchwood. There's even a tie-in between Torchwood Season 2 and Season 3 of Dr. Who

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