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Making Cheap Steaks Prime

I can across a very interesting article in Jaden's Steamy Kitchen Blog. Its about a simple method of turning cheap steaks into Prime steaks.

And the method was very very simple. Just "soak" or rather bury the uncooked steak in salt and let it absorb into the steak for about 15 min - 60 mins. After that rinse the steak and pat it very very dry. Now the steak is ready to be cooked.

I decided to try it out. And here's what I found:
Cheap steaks, they have absolutely no marbling.(Marbling is lines of fat throughout the meat which is what makes expensive steaks so tender) These steak if cooked the way I am doing here will be tough and chewy, this is from experience. Such cheap steaks are best cut into small pieces and stir fried.

Here are the steaks after I salted them, let them lie for an hour and patted very dry. Now I'm putting them in the oven (on broil) for about 10-15 mins each side. I also put some dry rub on the outside of the steaks. Nothing more.

The steaks came out nicely and I accompanied them with stir fried cauliflower and sautéed mushrooms. But on to the most important part of the experiment, the taste test.

The steaks were just a little red inside which is just as I like them. The steaks actually came out very very nicely. The meat was fairly tender and not chewy. I have to admit that this method really does elevate your steak. but its not a miracle worker. Cheap steak is cheap steak, notice the texture of the cut steak, its gritty and not smooth like more expensive steaks, you can't change that. What this really does is make the meat a lot more tender and palatable. My only caution is not to add ANY salt when cooking. The salt that the meat soaked in penetrated the steak and because the rub I used came pre-salted, it was just a little too salty, that aside I can honestly say I will be dry-salting any steaks I buy in the future.


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