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DVD Review - The Vicar of Dibley

A friend of mine first introduced me to this series a few months ago and I borrowed the first season and enjoyed it very very much. Its about a small sleepy town in England that get's a female vicar. The humor is very British but also quite x-rated, the good part is that it'll probably go over the heads of most kids.

I discovered recently that this series was set in a time (1994) when female vicars were not allowed and this series played a part in making the concept publicly acceptable.

If you notice the picture above, it shows a picture of "A Vicar of Dibley : A Holy wholly Happy Ending" is actually a new DVD release. They recently did 2 final episodes of this wonderful series giving the vicar a happy ending and I must say I have never enjoyed a DVD more.

I strongly encourage you to try out this series for yourself if you

Ohh Ohh and a pleasant out come of this DVD is me finding another handsome gentleman to obsess over. Richard Armitage is simply dark and debonair.

Here's a scene of him in North and South. Man he makes the kiss simply amazing.
*** SPOILER ALERT *** This is the final 4 mins of the movie and might kill the show for you if you plan to watch it.


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