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Christmas Tree 2007

Did I mention that my Christmas tree died last year? Its one of those pre-lit ones and the lights went out. I had that tree since 2004 and it will be missed. So I got a new tree this year, but I made a mistake, I got a 3 foot tree.

I'm single and don't really need a big tree, but a 3 foot tree as I found out it really tiny. It just didn't feel like a tree, more like a Christmas Shrub. So I got a 2nd tree, this one was 4.5 foot and much resembled my previous tree.

I also got one of those huge colorful tins of popcorn. Mostly because it was on sale (Only $5) and they are so pretty.

Anyway, the popcorn is gone now and I still don't know what I'll use the tin for. But regardless, its still pretty to look at.

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