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A death on Christmas

So I was going to clean the hamster cage this morning and low and behold what do I find? Kyle, one of my 2 hamsters is dead on Christmas Day.

What's even worse is that I kind of ignored my hamsters for the past couple of days, aside from giving them food. Last I saw them was Sunday night and now its Tuesday.

I have 3 theories on how Kyle died. (1) Natural Causes (2) He lost a fight with Kal-El. The thing is if you look at the picture, his face is pretty banged up. Its basically been chewed and his teeth and gums are showing. I don't know which is worse, thinking that Kal-El murdered his house mate of over a year or that he chewed on his dead house mate.

And how did I find Kal-El? He was happily sleeping, not a scratch on him. Anyway, I cleaned out the their home and I have to admit that I harbored thoughts of punishing Kal-El, but... what can I do which won't cause me guilt?

So throughout the day I had nagging thoughts of could I have prevent this in some way? Perhaps if I paid them more attention or something. This marred a perfectly happy holiday. I may not be the best pet owner but I do feel some attachment to my hamsters, and I'll admit that Kyle was my favorite.

One thing I do know, I won't be getting dwarf hamsters again. My first hamsters from my childhood were golden hamsters (larger sized) but gentle and they allowed me to pick them up and pet them. These dwarf hamsters may look cute but they are very teeth happy. Kal-El especially, he even bit me on day 1. (The murdering little bastard)

Ewww...that was very Ozmarius of you, leaving pictures of your dead rodent. Bleah...

Nah, doing an autopsy on the corpse would be more Ozmarius's style :)

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