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My S'pore Trip - Day 7 - 8

If you're actually reading my blog on a regular basis you'll see that I'm kinda doing the blogs in batches. Daily blogging might be preferable but I'm just not built for it.

Day 7 (Wed) we went to a Taiwanese Restaurant located at Liang court. There are a bunch of japanese restaurants at Liang court but only 1 chinese Restaurant, you can't miss it.

It was a pretty good meal, just be warned that the waiters only speak mandarin, which can get dicey when you're ordering strange dishes. On the plus side each item is accompanied by a picture of the dish in the menu. I also don't recommend any of the chicken dishes, not because its not good, but somehow anything with chicken and soup in this restaurant is suddenly worthy of $90 price tag. I can understand if the soup has scallops or abalone in it, it would be expensive, but simple black chicken and some herb? My advice is to get a crock pot and cook your own chicken soup.

We got this Neo Hiang looking thing but its actually chicken, and was savory sweet. Pretty good.

My mom liked this dish. Its squid cooked with among other things basil. My problem with it was that it had a VERY heavy basil or clove taste which turned me off.

This was the token veggie dish with spicy fried tofu.

And the crowning glory was the fried pomfret. Its actually 1/2 of a large pomfret that's deep fried in a light batter and has a slight lemony tang. Crispy on the outside and sooo nice and juicy on the inside. Oh and its boneless too. Two thumbs up for this dish, a definite reorder if I ever come here again.

The next day (Thursday), I joined the folks for lunch. I had mentioned a craving for Nasi Bryani and viola, we went to this very good coffee shop and had Nasi bryani and Indian mix mix. If you've never had the Indian Mix mix, you basically select from a whole host of fried items, they will cut it up for you and its served with a thick sweet sauce for dipping. Very yummy.

The bryani was excellent too. For some strange reason, almost all Bryani in the States is cooked with raisins or nuts. I just don't get it. Give me the rice, archar and curry chicken any day.

For dinner, the folks took me to a hawker center. Its actually the market place just a stone's throw from Chomp Chomp in serangoon gardens. So why not go to Chomp Chomp instead? 2 big reasons. First, trying to get a parking space at Chomp Chomp is ... as painful as pulling teeth. Second, every since I was 5 and discovered Chomp Chomp, getting a table there has always been a HUGE hassle. Things have not improved.

But anyway here's my hawker feast. We had the BBQ chicken wings. It was soooo good. When you say wings in the US, its automatically buffalo wings which is basically deep fried chicken wings coated in some kind of sauce. Some are good, some not so good. But nothing beats BBQ wings glazed with honey.

As you can see, otak otak.

We ordered Satay too, but this particular store's satay was horrible. Heck, they even managed to screw up the peanut sauce. I've had better sauce from a jar. That's sad.

Ohhhh Hokkien Mee. This was sooo good. I can't even describe the taste of this if you've never tried it. Its just a perfect blend of mee, shrimp, squid. Nothing beats this.

Another hawker fave is O-luat (Oyster Omelet). Some places don't fry the starch enough and some stinge on the eggs, but this store got it just right. You can even see it from the picture, the eggs are generously coated over the starch and fried to a golden brown and the oysters are visible and blended in with everything else.

Finally, a glass of sugar cane juice to complete my hawker center meal. Did we order way too much for 3 persons? Of course we did. But I'm on vacation dammit! Calorie counting and hawker centers just don't mix.

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