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My S'pore Trip - Day 11 - 12

Sunday's breakfast was Mee Pok and Porridge, which I forgot to take a picture of.

For lunch, I had hawker style fried Kuay Teow. This was excellent. It had lots of cockles.

For dinner we bought pig trotter stew from a shop that had a constant queue of people. It literally took 30 mins to get the pig trotter stew. But it was sooo worth the wait. Throw some of the black sauce on white rice and it heaven.

The other dishes here are salted veg, some green vege and chicken Neo Hiang. This was made by my mom for Chinese New Year. Most of it is being stored in the freezer but we cooked a few for dinner. Neo Hiang is typically made with pork but my mom's chicken Neo Hiang is no slouch, with lots of onions, water chestnuts and shrimp. Much better than many store sold Neo Hiang's.

My mom, sis and the maid were making it all Saturday afternoon while I had the task of entertaining the kids by going swimming. Ahhhh... the sacrifices I have to made **grin**

In case you didn't know, Chinese New Year is coming up. Monday, my mom and I went to Katong to get some New Year goodies. My mom was raised in a Nonya home and as such is very particular about her pineapple tarts. When my grandmother was alive, we used to make our own tarts and trust me when I say its a backbreaking process.

The jam has to be cooked twice, and be slightly browned and not too sweet. A process that many store bought pineapple tarts just don't have. And the pastry part of the tar must be slight firm as well as tasty. We tried quite a few and many had the jam's which were too sweet, too dry or the pastry was too soft and flaky or just lacking in taste. Have a look at the tarts below. It cost $33 for that container, very very expensive and you can bet it will only be taken out for family, but heads and shoulders better than most of the cheap knock-offs being sold out there.

That's the reason we go all the way to Katong. Secret haven of the real Nonya's. They sell quite a few new year's goodies that's not found in most other places.

A plus is that located at the shop is a malay food stall that servers excellent to die for food.

The chicken rendang was the de facto grand prize winner, we also got Sayor Loday (Curry Veg), ber-ger-del (fried potato), Sambal Sotong, and Sambal Kang Kong.

It was a very good meal. I went back for extra rice just to eat more rendeng.

Oh and an awesome find! The shop was selling bottled Bua Kuluak. Its a nonya dish made from the flesh of the Bua Kuluak fruit. If you've never tried it... its an acquired taste. There are very very few places that serve good Bua Kuluak, most restaurants serve a very watered down version of the dish. I'm happy to report that this bottle which only costs $6 is pretty damn good. Just add chicken and you're set to go.

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