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My S'pore Trip - Day 21

The folks took the week off, so I'm spending lots of time with them. We went back to Whampoa Market to try and get Curry Rice since it was so good, but it was closed so we had noodles instead which was also very good.

The main reason it was so tasty. Lard.

Oh and some carrot cake too.

We popped by NTUC and I had to shoot this. They sell fish in a super market much like a wet market. This must be a recent thing cos It was not here when I came back about 15 months ago. There's even a basin for you to wash your hands after selecting the perfect fish. This seems to me the eventual death of wet markets.

Oh and Pomfret. A fave fish in Singapore but practically unheard of in the States.

had to take a picture of this. The Four Seasons Durian store at Ang Mo Kio HUB. Its soooo good. $12 for a box of 4, its a pancake with real durian in the center. Soooooooooo good.

This is another product they sell, Durian Mochi.

Lunch was eaten by the pool. We had Wanton noodles and Hokkien Mee.

Here's the old folks joining me for a swim.

And here's a fun and relaxing past-time. Feeding the fishes in the pond.

Evidently my dad likes to to this every morning. So he bought the fish food in bulk and stores them in the trunk of his car for easy access and grabs a bag each morning.

And now on to Dinner. We went to a neighbor stall near Sengkang, and I have to admit the food was very good.

We started off with Yu Sheng

Shark's Fin with Crab meat.

Fish stir fried with black bean sauce

The vege dish (which instead of just being a token green dish was actually tasty)

Ha Cheong Kai (Shrimp paste fried wings)

And because I'm such a greedy bastard, we also ordered Fish Bee Hoon and Hor Fun for supper.

And so ends the 3rd day of the New Year.

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