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My S'pore Trip - Reflections

This was an excellent trip for me. It was great knowing that the folks are financially and physically secure and still hale and hardy in their early 60's.

I'm also glad I spent quite a bit of time with the niece and nephew. After all, very soon they will have their own lives and I'll just be 'that' uncle that lives in the States.

I also like the new condo that the folks moved into. The house itself is nice, but the real gem is the pool area. I swam almost every day that I was in Singapore. This is very amazing because its been over 5-8 years since I've swam. Part of it was physical insecurities, the other part was simply not having a pool readily available.

Heck I even got sun burn after my first day swimming and was peeling the next day. That's just how fair my skin was and now I'm tanned!

And now for the final post before I log off and finish packing. Most of the loot that I'm lugging back with me. Lots of DVD's and pre-mix spices.

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